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to love is to suffer

to suffer is to love

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1980s r&b, apple computers, arrested development, attachment parenting, avoiding the dirty dozen, baby wearing, beatrix clementine, bedsharing, being a new creation, being off the grid, being resourceful, books & book clubs, breastfeeding, breech babies, british office & extras, chiropractic care, christianity, church planting, classic mercedes, cleaning up after dinner, clothes on the line, conversations with smart people, cooking from scratch, csas, decluttering, delaying vaccines, diverse neighborhoods, dumpster diving, dying to one's self, elephants, environmentalism, ethnic foods, female preachers, fertility awareness method, following jesus, foxnews as comic relief, freelance writing, gabriel brothers, generosity, gilmore girls, god, god's faithfulness, grease cars, green architecture, green design, having conversations with kids, having resourceful friends, hear the cry, heart-shaped things, heavy metal, homebirth, hospitality, hosting parties, ikea, infant loss, jesus christ, keeping my mouth shut, kids, libraries, loading the dishwasher, local food, long haired cats, mad men, manatee, martha stewart, meal planning, memories of date nights, midwifery, miracles, my cats, my husband austin, my youngest sister, natural childbirth, natural foods, natural pregnancy, npr, nutrition, occassionaly indulging in pineapple, organic food, otters, overcoming anxiety, overcoming panic attacks, overnight guests, palestinians, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, pelvic floor integrity, people with good vocabularies, picture books, polar bears, politics, prayer, promoting literacy to kids, quiet times, quinoa, reading, reading to kids, reducing energy consumption, responding in love, rock'n'roll haircuts, rosalie kiddo, running, saving money, seasonal eating, selective vaccination, shiny things, simplicity, small group ministry, smart comedy, spooning, storytime, struggling public schools, surprising answers to prayer, sustainable agriculture, teen fiction, the colbert report, the emergent church, the holy spirit, the last, the least, the lost, the new has come, the wire, thin lizzy, this is spinal tap, thrift stores, true humility, tt zop, udipi, unloading the diswhasher, vegan ranch dressing, veganism, vegetarian cooking, vegetarianism, vineyard church, vintage christmas ornaments, vli, yacht rock, youth fiction